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15 Trello Alternative (2020)

Trello Alternative. Trello is a versatile Kanban platform that helps users to communicate from anywhere in the world and work together. Trello’s easy-to-understand UI and countless extra features have made kanban board applications immensely popular with individuals as well as corporations.

The fact that this app’s simple version is completely free also allows it to retain its success in project management.

Trello, however, has some major problems, such as restricted flexibility and slow procedures, like all free project management software. It’s time to search for a strong Trello alternative if you want the right project management program that is more than just enticing graphic board views or someone who hasn’t determined which project software to pick.

You probably hear about the all-important need to be efficient if you are searching for Trello alternatives. So let’s chat for a minute about Trello, shall we? Hare are 10 Trello Alternative.

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Trello Alternative


Trello Alternative

The first Trello Alternative is ProoHub. As a project management app, ProofHub is an impressive replacement for Trello. It boasts versatility that can’t be found on Trello. To guarantee your collaborative experience, this app comes with great functionality, a neat and tidy gui, and full security. ProofHub is a perfect app to mention, if you need a location for teams, workplace conversations, or projects.

Loads of features are among the reasons why you need ProofHub to be selected. Task management, workflows, and Kanban forums, discussion and chat, as well as Gantt maps are the highlighted functions. The programme also produces updates that let you know how the initiatives are going. This is critical for assessing the strategy and monitoring its success.

In comparison, time monitoring helps keep track of the time you have spent on the assignment. That means it will develop your time management skills. As ProofHub is embedded with other cloud storage systems, including Google Drive, DropBox, Locker, and Drive, things are getting better.


Trello Alternative

Next Trello Alternatives is Asana. Asana has consistently been a favored substitute and rival among the Trello audience. Asana is a tool for project and task management that makes it a breeze for team coordination and connectivity.

With Asana, all in one location, you can delegate assignments, view development, have conversations. Asana is an application that is quick, sensitive, beautiful-looking, and feature-rich.

When a job is delegated to you, or if someone on your team has made adjustments to the task or mission, you will exchange reminders, attachments, follow and like’ assignments, add due dates, and get email updates.

With a capacity of up to 100 MB, Asana makes it convenient to connect files to tasks and the best thing is that there is no storage limit. Asana increases your productivity with several third-party integrations, such as Dropbox, Hipchat, Zendesk, Jira, and much more, and lets you control all your activities from a single tool.

Asana allows the activities and projects to be viewed in the list view, calendar view, or file view apart from the Kanban styled Trello interface. It’s an easy, fun app that gets the job well done.


Trello Alternative

Teamwork is the one to choose if you are looking for a simple project management program. This software will optimize collaboration, mission assignment, and progress monitoring for the success of agile teams. Since 2007, it’s been around and has made a name for itself in project management. It’s no wonder that collaboration is classified as Trello’s best choice.

You may want to know why it’s worth using coordination in place of Trello. First, it comes with an elegant and user-friendly interface that, especially for new users, helps a lot. The platform is also great at handling all project sizes, from small to massive. In addition, Teamwork features Gantt dynamic charts that are powerful for enhancing collaboration.

To track the success of the whole team, it is important to review the progress of each participant. For this purpose, the opportunity to verify the availability and success of each participant comes with coordination. Last but not least, the connectivity of Google Docs, Harvest, Dropbox, and Freshbooks is supported by this project management program.


The next Trello Alternative is JIRA. JIRA is another expressly built alternative to Trello for development teams. It is a product development platform that helps prepare, track, and release fantastic software for software teams. By producing automated updates, you can also evaluate the project deadlines and results.

To maximize the success and productivity of your staff, you can delegate and allocate assignments, monitor each project with maximum visibility, and get real-time updates.

By combining it with thousands of add-ons, including Hipchat, Zephyr, Bitbucket, Confluence, and many others, you will improve Jira. JIRA now provides smartphone applications so that even though you’re on the move, the tech engineers will keep in touch. Pricing: Jira provides a 7-day trial free of charge and costs for a team of 1-10 members start at $10/month.


In comparison, if you can’t find the correct software to help you out, working on several tasks can be a real hassle. But it’s all getting better now since you can vote for the Fusioo service. This platform can accommodate several tasks, helping you to navigate the workflow of the team effortlessly. Fusioo makes sure all is well-organized even when you are trying to expand your business.

This app for project management helps build a personalized web database at the speed of lightning. In addition, it helps you to handle tasks, buyers, and share ideas. The inexpensive price that’s perfect for your rising company is one of the best pieces.

There are several characteristics of Fusioo, some of which are illustrated as their strengths. It requires a simple GUI and coordination as well as teamwork in real-time. In addition, the device is designed to back up data every hour to ensure that the information is still up to date. For other applications such as Gmail and Zapier, Fusioo is compatible.


On our list, the fourth most potent alternative to Trello is Airtable. The flexible interface of Airtable enables it to function dynamically with the individual needs of every team. If you enjoy browsing and filtering, then you can find that Airtable is a versatile project management database.

Do you enjoy working and managing spreadsheet tasks, but still feel limited because you can’t go past text in cells? The Airtable is just the gadget you need. With its vibrant designs and easy to use smartphone and web applications, Airtable makes the often tedious process of incorporating, handling and collaborating data even more intuitive.

The best thing is that you don’t have to stick to your work’s spreadsheet view, as Airtable helps you to move the data to a grid, gallery, or even a Trello view like Kanban. In Airtable’s extremely scalable data fields, you can add any form of content-long text annotations, checkboxes, attachments, or connections to documents in other databases.

You can also combine Airtable with your favorite office software such as Slack, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zendesk, and also with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This Trello rival is a must-try, with a user base consisting of Tesla, Buzzfeed, and Airbnb.


Next Trello Alternative is Paymo. Paymo is one of the best Trello options you can check out with a wide network consisting of more than 70,000 small businesses. To control tasks, this app is efficient as it helps to collaborate and track the project time right from start to finish. No wonder Paymo is recognised as one of the most reliable monitoring methods.

This replacement for Trello has been used extensively by employees in diverse fields of employment. Let’s list creative firms, publicity teams, tech firms, and even freelancers. Paymo will display impressive efficiency when it can archive data in a centralized location so that the team can access the project files conveniently at any time.

Paymo features a Gantt map in addition to functional file storage that provides you with an enticing description of the start date, length, and end date of the project. It also has pricing quotes, recording prices, and invoices to give you a good view of the project. As it only supports Suite, Zapier, and Hubstaff, Paymo isn’t embedded into many services.


Avaza is a project management platform for accounting tools and several bells and whistles. It enables users to collaborate, log time spent on assignments or projects, produce cost reports, time sheets, submit customer invoices, and even get paid from the tool right there.

With email-enabled conversations and updates, Avaza allows for fast communication. It also offers the ability for tasks that you create to navigate between Kanban, Gantt, and list views. It also enables you to turn an email into assignments, track a task’s completion rate, time spent on tasks, and much more.

To prevent redundancy and confusion, you should merge files into Avana from your Dropbox or Google Drive and hold all your files in one place.

For freelancers or small companies, Avaza is extremely useful. It enables you to communicate with your clients your project board, give them quotes, and share project notes. Customers or customers will then manage the time spent, project approximate costs, and collect and pay invoices through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, etc.


The secret to a good project is cooperation. QuickBase understands this well because it offers a tool for management that stresses simple collaboration with members of the team. Thanks to the many enhancements that come along with this service, the cloud-based management system is uniquely developed to make you function more reliably and efficiently.

QuickBase is a forum for teamwork that functions as a collection of applications. That implies that the device is extremely adjustable, because the way you like it can be used. What makes it better than Trello for this tool? QuickBase helps developers to solve daily challenges and to incorporate their ideas into personalised programmes. It also helps you to upgrade software if the scenario changes.

The app features dashboards that unlock data between teams for improved collaboration. It helps to announce prospects for the organization to change. With Google Docs, DropBox, Zendesk, and Box, QuickBase can be combined. QuickBase could be the best choice if you are searching for a useful and stable alternative to Trello.


ClickUp, introduced in 2017, is a relatively recent alternative and rival to Trello. ClickUp helps you to delegate assignments to colleagues, assign feedback, get informed of updates, and make modifications to the dashboard display (lists, boards or blocks), much like the usual project management app.

What separates ClickUp and makes it a convincing Trello replacement is its capabilities for machine learning. ClickUp automatically predicts who you are going to delegate those tasks to where you are going to place certain tasks, and will also decide whether time predictions are correct, while still in beta.

By reducing the workload and automating repetitive processes to improve productivity, ClickUp strives to achieve what most project management instruments claim to do.


Next Trello Alternative is Podio. Podio adds to project management instruments a new concept. This programme helps you to configure the dashboard with an appealing presentation instead of showing tense and inflexible complexities. In order to simplify the system, it also helps you to select from a variety of applications, so it suits your business. Let’s claim that while doing the job, Podio comes to improve your mood.

What makes Podio one of the finest alternatives to Trello? For tech businesses and entrepreneurs, Podio helps its customers to build personal applications, making it a great choice. That does not, however, mean that Podio would not fit well for other firms.

This software helps you to monitor status, link folders, and make notes to the running project, aside from the previous functionality. Podio helps teams to synchronize their work by coming up with organized procedures.

It not only provides outstanding results, but also offers an elegant gui. You won’t find it difficult to understand how it operates, even though it’s the first time using this app. In addition, to Podio, its stability adds more plus points. This management platform can be combined with Package, Google Drive, and DropBox to simplify operations.

Mavenlink is a powerful platform for project management that helps simplify project management, preparation of time paying for tasks, and coordination between teams. This Trello alternative is designed for service organisations and helps you to integrate accountability and optimal use of your personnel, assignments, programmes and services.

Mavenlink is a Trello option with more feature-rich project management features, helping you to boost the efficiency of your project by tracking schedule, time, and margins.

You can also handle several tasks across numerous agencies with ease. Advanced analytics offered by Mavenlink include market insight, find problem areas, and recommend best practices. Managers and members of the team will maintain leverage over margins, maximize the use of capital, and better predict sales and expenses.


BrightPod is a tool that brightens up your idea, as the name implies. Many digital marketing departments have used this web-based management platform to track time as well as get specific insights on projects, conversations, assignments, deadlines, among many others. The online-based software can do it for you quickly, even though you have several tasks.

BrightPod presents you with a tidy and user-friendly interface. You won’t waste all day studying this software, helping you to boost productivity without adding more headaches. It helps to keep track of time and to show your project status. Not to mention, as Kanban boards, it also shows assignments and lists, meaning that each user knows the project’s progress.

Another value that you can get from this platform is better team coordination. Thanks to a simplified approach that fosters collaboration on any project between and person. To accomplish seamless tasks, this world-class management platform has a zero-downtime network.


Next Trello Alternative is Dapulse. Dapulse is a platform for team coordination that focuses on making teamwork as quick and intuitive as possible. It has a beautifully crafted dashboard that ensures a highly pleasing view of all your projects, assignments, achievements, and to-dos.

You will get all the details you need, who is doing what, and what the success is with a quick glance. Anyone familiar with social media can use Dapulse quickly. You will interact with members of the team, delegate tasks, view progress, post progress, consumer and partner data, and many more.

On Dapulse, interacting with team members is as smooth as it comes. You should add rows (called “pulses”) to your board, which holds all your contact inside the programme. No needless meetings or hated email threads are needed.

The opportunity to welcome customers to your office to work as visitors is a stand-out aspect of Dapusle. It’s an awesome way to share feedback and keep them in the loop with them.


In the project management and coordination space, Basecamp is the pioneer. One of the first organisations to implement remote project management and coordination started way back in 2004.

For optimal clarity and performance, Basecamp offers a consolidated view of all the activities, projects, and development.

Basecamp provides six main resources that every team feels they need to get work completed on schedule and under the budget. These include to-dos a bulletin board to keep track of discussions and updates, chat rooms for staff members to chat casually, a calendar for uploading deadlines, the option to exchange files, and automated check-ins to collect progress reviews.

Although it is possible to enhance Basecamp’s architecture, it should not take away from the fact that it is an exceptional project management tool. It runs on the internet and also has applications for apps on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

So thats the list of 10 Best Trello Alternative if you use any other Trello Alternative so let us know in the comments.