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10 Google Maps Alternative (2020)

Google Maps Alternative. Google Maps is a wonderful service for navigation and one that is so familiar that you would actually turn to it first. It’s good for exploring the realm of your future condo or including driving instructions to your web site. For all Android phones, it comes pre-installed, and even iOS users often prefer it due to the app’s name recognition.

Google Maps has its flaws, however. So you may want to try using an alternate app that offers you more flexibility or a different strategy, based on your needs and wishes. You will find a suitable navigation tool (or tools) that will fit you and your lifestyle in our list of alternatives to Google Maps below. Here’s the list of 10 Google Maps Alternative.

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Google Maps Alternative


The first Google Maps Alternative is Waze. When your plans change shortly and also you want a stay to replace the state of affairs on the highway.

For someone who loves live contact with other people, Waze is a navigation app. Since everyone has access to the map, you are continuously receiving up-to-date traffic updates, police warnings, camera alerts, etc. For a greater user experience, you can even interface with your music applications.

On the other hand, when it comes to Waze charts, you get a less accurate view. The software is also more single-purpose in contrast to Google Maps and does not provide as many features.


OsmAnd is a popular application for mapping available for Android and iOS, developed in the Netherlands by the company of the same name. Its mapping information comes from OpenStreetMap, a community initiative close to Wikipedia to create world maps.

Any of Google Maps’ key features are present: turn-by-turn navigation with lane directions, locating points of interest around you, sharing your location with others, finding bike paths and hiking trails, and even knowledge about speed limits. It can view satellite imagery from providers such as Bing as well. There are a number of choices and configurations, so OsmAnd can be configured to your taste.

Depending on how well OpenStreetMap has mapped your town, your experience with OsmAnd will differ greatly. The bulk of app reviews are good (it’s sitting on Google Play at 4/5 stars), but there are more than a few navigation mode complaints that drive users down odd routes.

OsmAnd has a big emphasis on offline functionality as well. When you first open the app, it advises that you import the entire state/country, similar to the feature introduced a few years ago by Google Maps. Only in areas saved to your computer may you check for places.

Next Google Maps Alternative is When you have no internet and need to search directions. For regular travellers, fine.

One of the few mapping applications you can use offline is, which makes it a good alternative to Google Maps. It enables you to pre-download maps of various areas in advance without using up too much of the memory of your computer.

The software uses the database OpenStreetMap, which enables a more accurate and consistent experience to be achieved. The functions of quest are somewhat limited. While you can locate all the tourist destinations quickly, once you have their map addresses, you can’t check for companies. is also a bit excessive when it comes to advertisements. There are reports in the Play Store reviews of push notification advertisements, and yes, the website claims corporations will advertise through posters, supported search results, alerts, and “deep integration into the programme.” Sadly, there is no premium version of Maps.Me that gets rid of the advertisement.


When you’re looking for a mapping application that is open, highly available and precise. OpenStreetMap is an alternative to Google Maps, which is better known for its precision. It’s an open access service that helps us to update maps and add new ones to the database.

This technique makes OpenStreetMap extremely social and popular with consumers, increasing the variety of maps, and enhancing the standard every day. It also suggests, however, that fewer data and maps would be accessible in some areas of the world than in others.

Axet Maps

This software, simply called “Maps,” was created primarily by @axet on GitLab. It’s Maps.Me fork with additional track tracking, a personalized bookmark route (for use with syncing apps), optional screen locking, and no commercials.

Typically, I’m not a fan of forks when one of the key intentions is to delete advertising from the original product (it’s close to reuploading the YouTube video of someone else), however it’s usually fair game when the original software provides advertising by push alerts and dubious integrations.

For now, there is a big catch for Maps: the app will no longer import new maps from OpenStreetMap as of when this guide was initially published (January 2020). A bug is available for this but ideally it can be patched soon. By the time you read this the app may already be fixed.


The next Google Maps Alternative is MapQuest. For those who value comfort and compatibility above all else, MapQuest is a good option. Real-time traffic alerts, an automated re-route alternative, estimating the approximate fuel cost of your journey, and even displaying the current temperature at your position are some of the most useful features of the app.

You can sync the data with all of your devices when you create a MapQuest account and enter your travel plans, and then share them with friends and family.

Here WeGo

Here, WeGo would be a perfect alternative for minimalists as a navigation tool. The software has just the characteristics that can really help you navigate your way from the start to the destination point with a basic standard gui. There are no advanced solutions for route planning available here.

However you can import your maps and use this app offline, similar to This makes the software program a bit extra reliable and comfy than the others.

Bing Maps

The next Google Maps Alternative is Bing Maps. Check out Bing Maps if you’re searching for the nearest equivalent to Google Maps, but with a better interface and clearer navigation. The software is easy and quick to use, with all functions aligned at the top of the screen.

For the highly accurate multi-layer charts, the modern interface, the location saving option, and a range of map resources that you can control all from the same device, you’ll love Bing Maps.

The lack of a smartphone app is one downside here. This means that more data can be used by Bing Maps relative to other applications.


When you like better viewing and user interface and additional features. OsmAnd is a platform for navigation that has features both online and offline. It uses the database OpenStreetMap, which helps it to provide incredibly reliable reports of live traffic.

The app is also filled with numerous features aimed at improving the user experience, including various tools that alter the look of maps, dark mode, and even integration with Wikipedia.

The latter can be a fun addition to a lengthy, dull road trip as it offers informative highlights during the trip about your place.


The last Google Maps Alternative is Citymapper. Use public transport and get around where you need to. On this list, Citymapper is a completely special tool. This app is designed to show you routes and instructions specifically for travel via public transit, unlike Google Maps.

For all public transit lines, Citymapper has an up-to-date directory that can help you find your way around the city and never miss a bus again. The ticket price data, as well as the ability to save your favorite locations, are among other helpful features.

These was the 10 Best Google Maps Alternative if you use any other Google Maps Alternative so let us know in the comments.