How to Add Bot to Discord Server

How to Add Bot to Discord Server

How to Add Bot to Discord Server

How To Add Bots To Your Discord Server

How to Add Bot to Discord Server. You want to bring a touch of flavor to the culture now that you have a server set up. The question is, how are you doing that? For text and speech networks, you can only do so many. Then what are the other options? Ok, let me welcome you to the marvelous world of Discord Bots.

There is an extremely vast number of bots on your server that you can quickly introduce. From handling your networks to adding fun games your server members can enjoy, they can do something. Even bots that add points or cash structures are available. The possibilities are infinite.

I’ll be covering the fundamentals of adding a bot to your server in this post. I’m also going to quickly discuss some nice pages on which you can find bots. Bots are created by the population of discord, so they all work differently and are handled differently. Here, I’ll only use a simple , common bot to give you a general understanding of how bots work on discord.

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Where To Find Bots

How to Add Bot to Discord Server. There are several assets out there that provide nice lists of discord bots. You can get to several good sources only by doing a fast Google search for “Discord bots”. I’ll mention a few of the pages I’ve used below, so you can have a good list of reliable outlets. I’ve seen good bots that I’ve used on these pages directly, so ideally, you can use them the same way. How to Add Bot to Discord Server.

How to Add Bot to Discord Server

This site has potentially the biggest library and cleanest look I’ve seen. I would consider using bots that have quite a bit of follow-up, as these are community-backed and promote the creation of these bots. A very long, helpful list of bots is given by this website. These bots can also be filtered for particular characteristics that you are searching for.

How to Add Bot to Discord Server

This is a place that I have used a lot of times. It’s the first thing that pops up when you look for “discord bots” and it gives you many wonderful bots to use. The only problem here is that some bots do not always work incredibly well and are difficult to manage. When choosing a suitable bot, it takes trial and error, and there are several different kinds of bots that you can add to your server.

How to Add Bot to Discord Server

As it possibly provides the most common bots, this site is very helpful. Some of the ones I have seen on this platform in the past, and I like them quite a bit. The first bots mentioned on the web are definitely the most stable and easy-to-use bots I’ve experienced, which when you’re new to using bots is very helpful.

Adding Bots To Your Server

Now to finally dig into connecting these bots to your server. This method is very easy, but when you are trying to set up the bot, the tricky part comes. In the future, we shall cover it.

Here, I just want to make sure you know how to get the bot into your server so you can get familiar with it and start using it. To get a feel for how bots work, it is a smart idea to build a test server. You should also look at the bot command list to make sure your text channels are functioning with these commands.

Invite The Bot

How to Add Bot to Discord Server. Locating the bot you want to add to your server is the first step. I will use the MEE6 bot for this case, as it is a very widely used bot and can be used for multiple purposes. The bot you want to add relies completely on the functionality you’re looking for, so make sure you can do what you expect it to do with the bot you’re using.

There should be a choice for displaying a full summary of its features on the bot’s info card. To get a feel for what your bot would be able to do, I’d suggest clicking that and going over the list.

It’s time to add it to your server now that you’ve selected a bot of your liking. You’ll want to press the Connect to Server button.

A discord page should pop up once you have selected Add to Server, giving you the ability to choose which server to add to the bot. You’ll want to click this drop-down menu, and then click Proceed to pick the appropriate server.

The next page will ask you to allow the bot to have some permissions that require it to run. In order to proceed, you only want to click Authorize below this list.

A page will ask you to confirm that you’re not a robot after you have clicked Authorize, and then you’re done! The bot is already on your computer and ready to be used.