How to Report Someone on Discord

How to Report Someone on Discord

How to Report Someone on Discord

How to Report Someone on Discord. Discord is an awesome way to communicate with your gaming buddies for free by voice and text messaging, but often someone does something in the chat that breaks the rules for discord. You can decide to report the user directly to Discord, depending on the seriousness of the post, so that corrective action can be taken. It’s not as straightforward as it can appear at first glance, though.

Follow these following steps to Report Someone on Discord.

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How to Report Someone on Discord, In-Depth List:

To effectively report someone who is bullying, spamming, insulting, or just being abusive in the talk, there are actions you need to take. There are occasions that you can learn that an entire server is engaging in harmful practices that breach group guidelines. Here is what you can do to alert Discord’s moderators.

Step 1: Check if their message violates Discord’s guidelines

Step one How to Report Someone on Discord Check if their message violates Discord’s guidelines. If their post violates Discord’s community guidelines, you want to report them. Activities and communications that Discord would not accept include:

  • Harassment
  • Spam messages
  • Violating IP rights
  • Sharing child pornography
  • Glorifying or promoting suicide and self-harm
  • Distributing viruses
  • Threatening another user
  • Sharing images of gore or animal cruelty

You generally shouldn’t report them explicitly to Discord if their message doesn’t fit into one of these categories. Rather, if necessary, communicate about their actions with the other participants of the channel. You can also kick them yourself if you’re the master of the channel. To stop viewing their content while proceeding to see what everyone else is saying on the server, you can also disable or mute the user.

Step 2: Turn on developer mode and find the relevant ID codes

Step two How to Report Someone on Discord is to Turn on developer mode and find the relevant ID codes. On Discord, you can’t simply press the “report” button, at least not on the desktop version. Instead, to investigate the offending posts, you have to find a few ID codes that Discord’s staff can use.

Click the gear icon next to your name in the bottom-left corner of the screen to see the ID codes, and pick the “Appearance” tab. Scroll down to this page’s “advanced” portion and you can see a toggle called “developer mode.” Switching it on.

How to Report Someone on Discord

First, there are three different ID codes you need to get. Go to the message in question and right-click on the name of the recipient directly. Choose a ‘copy ID,’ then paste the number you copied elsewhere and mark it later. The ID would stay the same even though the user changes their username.

“Right-click on the message itself and pick” Copy ID “again. You’ll get the message and channel ID number this time. Paste it and mark it much like the other one you did.

Finally, go to the server icon on the left-hand side of the screen, and right-click on it. Pick a third time to “copy ID,” and paste it with the other two.

Step 3: Send your report

How to Report Someone on Discord

Sending your report to Discord through its Confidence & Safety request center would be your last move. Enter your email address, pick your form of the report based on the choice in the drop-down box that most specifically corresponds to your case, enter a subject, and then identify the incident and include all three ID codes in the ‘Description’ box. Send along the report and you are happy to let the rest be taken care of by Discord.

How to report on iOS

How to Report Someone on Discord

It’s a lot easier method to record a Discord user on iOS than to do it on a laptop. Too easy, maybe.

All you have to do is keep your finger down at the top of the message in question and press the choice for the red “report.” No clarification is required, and you don’t have any ID codes to send. Given this, the support staff from Discord says it looks at these findings as the others do. You may not get a reply, but if it needs to be taken care of immediately and you don’t have access to a computer, you can still send an email to [email protected] to clarify your case.

There is always the possibility that you could unintentionally press the mouse, but if that does, it’s not the end of the universe.

How to clear a report from Discord

You can request that the Discord team clear the report by speaking directly to a support member if you decide that the message you reported did not actually violate Discord guidelines, or if you accidentally reported someone on iOS. Travel over to the Twitter page of Discord and send a direct message that describes the condition. You will need to send your account-related email address along with your post, and Discord can then go into the report queue and clean out the reports you submitted.

Bear in mind that sending fake reports still breaks the terms of service of Discord, but by doing so, you may end up facing penalties. It just took them a few minutes to respond, in our situation, and the issue was settled almost instantly. Act fast and Discord’s team will, too.

How to Report Someone on Discord? I hope these steps help you if you have any other questions so let us know in the comments.