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10 Best iMovie Alternatives (2021)

iMovie Alternative: When it comes to the apps, Apple has been a pioneer and each of them has set a reference for those playing in the segments. IMovie, an incredible video editing app exclusive to Apple customers, is itself in a major league. The software is available for Mac users for free and is commonly used by experienced video editors all over the world.

It is limited to making it impossible for Windows users to use an app of such a caliber only for Mac OS users. Therefore, for those people, we have a workaround, and here are the 10 Best iMovie Alternatives.

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iMovie Alternative


iMovie Alternatives

The first iMovie Alternative is Clips. As iMovie, Clips is an app developed by Apple that effortlessly integrates with your iOS device’s photo and music libraries. With ample special effects and personalization opportunities to keep students engaged in the artistic process, the creation process is intuitive. To edit images, there’s an easy-to-use Trim option.

The Live Titles (captions) are available and can be shown in a range of types in a long list of languages. To produce the captions, it is easy to speak when recording; the choice of languages makes this an open choice for a range of classes and student demographics. Teachers must be mindful that, via email, text message, and social media, learners can exchange videos very quickly.


It combines smoothly with the picture and music libraries of Apple on your device; in several languages, video captions are available.


The social sharing of “Smart” may be too simple; teachers would want to protect the privacy of students.

Movavi Video Editor

best iMovie Alternative

Next iMovie Alternative is Movavi Video Editor. As with iMovie, Movavi is a lounge for developers with what it takes to become a hub for multimedia production. The website will help some
Video format and helps you to show on it your artistic prowess.

Place the audio along with images and videos and simply organize them on a timeline and sync the audio accordingly. You can also use the different after-effects you can place in your clip that will make it look more appealing. The gui may be somewhat different from that of iMovie, but its Apple equivalent is a worthy match.


iMovie Alternatives

It is set apart by WeVideo’s emphasis on cooperation. It’s a video editing site that is cloud-based, and multiple students can collaborate and work from different places on the same video. To give editing access to others, just use the Invite option. This platform is open to students with varying degrees of video-editing experience through three editing modes and an easy-to-use gui. That said, as necessary, students can easily switch between modes. Pleasant filters and fonts will keep them playing with sound and design as kids synthesize details and create their video presentations.


Pleasant filters and fancy fonts will keep children playing with the style of presentation as well as gathering details.


For all the sharing, privacy can get convoluted, and the whole software is quite pricey.

Wondershare Filmora

iMovie Alternative

If you want to use an easy but efficient editing tool to demonstrate your artistic prowess, this software is also available for Mac and is a very nice choice. The step-by-step guide that is available on this website will encourage you to do things in a simplified way.

You can make your video a pleasure to watch with lots of open filter effects. When it comes to the app’s reliability, there are certain questions. This app is compatible with almost all Windows versions, from Windows 10 to Windows XP, for example.

AndroVid Video Editor

You should give this software a shot if you use Android devices in your classroom. Its robust editing capabilities are developed especially for Android. While the application’s interface is not as user-friendly as iMovie’s and there are no models to get started, with just a small learning curve, students already acquainted with iMovie will be able to use AndroVid Video Editor quite quickly. Bear in mind, for the free edition, most features are available, but students are limited to basic video assignments that can not reach a certain length and can see commercials that can be annoying.


For Android devices, efficient editing features are specially developed.


It’s trickier to edit on tablet displays than on desktop or laptop computers.

Lightworks Free

Next iMovie Alternative is Lightworks Free. This is also true through Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

In the case of advanced video editing, this multi-platform video editing program keeps its own ground. It is a non-linear editing system (NLE) that can be viewed on television sets for editing and perfecting multimedia images in different formats, such as 2K and 4K resolution, and also for video quality. To offer impressive performance, use advanced multi-cam effects and second monitor output, among other features.

It has won the Non-linear Editing System 2017 Emmy Awards. Any of the big changes fell shy of the free edition, but for a greater creative experience, it is better to opt for the premium version.

The program runs on all Windows versions of Windows 10 and Windows 7. It is a video editing program developed by CyberLink that allows you to execute all the creative processes needed to make a video.

There are different features to create an enticing film, ranging from trimming, joining, and overlaying clips and effects. It has also begun to embrace new standard formats, such as H.265 video and 360-degree videos, with daily updates.

Here, users are given the ability to use many customizable design tools, including PIP, a big brand. Users will also use animated items designed for the videos to make the content more visually appealing. This makes the video more enticing and encourages you to use your artistic skills at a higher level as well.

Windows 10 Movie Maker

Next iMovie Alternative is Windows 10 Movie Maker. You can download this app from the Microsoft App Store and use it for editing and making videos if you are using Windows 10. Almost all the main video file formats are supported and are identical to the other applications above. When you use the free edition, you can miss out on some of the functionality and you can quickly switch to the premium version to enjoy the enhanced features. You can also download Windows Movie Creator for the lower versions of Windows as needed.


Often, along with your video shot, text allows you to communicate a far bigger message. One such applications for editing is Typito, which can be used to edit and insert text. By using photos and brand templates, you can use this app for designing a marketing plan.

Full HD videos are readily supported by the app, but free versions prevent you from using some of the tools for sharing your videos, such as easy access to social media sites. You will also enjoy models of free motion graphics and preview your videos at the time of editing them.

Corel VideoStudio

The video editing app available for Windows is Corel VideoStudio. When it comes to using audio for your images, it is among the best editing tools to make it more appealing. The explanation behind this is that a free music library owned by Video Studio is available for you to access. Therefore, using your favorite music in the clips becomes better for you.

Any of the attributes that can be used by imaginative minds to create something that is fantastic are elements such as Stop Motion Animation, attractive filters, split screens, track transparency, etc. When you want to apply dialogs to the recording, you should match the audio.

So that’s the list of Best iMovie Alternatives if you use any other iMovie Alternative so let us know in the comments.