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OneNote Alternative | 10 Best OneNote Alternative (2020)

OneNote Alternative. In this post, we will cover some of the Best OneNote Alternative which you can use for note writing. We are going to take a look at some of the better Evernote replacements available for PC / Mac, Android, and iOS in this roundup.

Notes are there to get you on track right on schedule with performing daily activities. That is why people are looking in 2020 for the right alternatives to Evernote. Evernote makes the task of making notes simpler for you. But, there are certain things absent from any app and so does Evernote.

Note-taking purposes are the web equal to notebooks, and so they can do extra for you than paper can ever do since they’re interactive. Any of them will store and synchronize your notes through various computers in the cloud.

Often, note-taking applications have text search, so you can locate any notes you need in a matter of seconds. You can also snap photos, upload files, capture audio, and clip pages from the web with the best note-taking applications. Here is some OneNote Alternative.

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OneNote Alternative

Google Keep

Google Keep

Our top choice for the best Onenote alternative is Google Keep. This one is designed to organize your notes and lists so that you can reach them at any moment from anywhere.

The Google Keep GUI looks just like Post-it Notes that are digitized. For each post, you can choose from 12 bright colors, visually categorizing your notes by subject. It’s simple to make a message. You can write, sketch, or add an image (you can also use your voice on the mobile).

You will save URLs, text, and photos while you search the site if you use the Google Keep Chrome plugin. Throughout all channels you use, everything you save in Google Keep stays coordinated.

Notes which have a due date or reminder date may also seem in your Google Calendar robotically. And you can immediately copy a note to Google Documents, where it will automatically open in a new Doc (title, formatting, photos, copy, and all) if ideas caught in a note need to be fleshed out.

Google Keep Features

  • On every computer, Google Keep lets you capture notes. It is Android and iOS compliant. The syncing functionality also allows you to access them at any time. 
  • At that point, you will get a reminder on a note. But when every assignment is up, it sends a message. 
  • Your Voice Memo is transcribed by Google Hold. So, all the way, you won’t have to write. 
  • Your notes will be exchanged across departments. This offers a strong opportunity between teams for cooperation. 
  • It makes it easy to arrange your notes with marks and colours. Labels and colours make it easier to differentiate them. 
  • It runs on your smartphone, laptop, and tablet, so you can use it everywhere you go. You can do it all the time because of the programmes. 
  • There are some drawing techniques to enhance the perspective of your notes. You should apply your inventiveness to it.

Otter Voice Notes

Otter Voice Notes

Our next list in 2020 for the best Onenote alternatives is Otter. Otter makes the recording of interviews and sessions less difficult. This is a tool that you can capture, transcribe, or post your peers’ audio files.

Otter voice notes also introduced features that provide capabilities for teams in bigger companies. You’ll be able to take notes from any pc, scan, play, edit, and organize them when sharing them.

Voice notes from Otter are quick to use app applications like Evernote that save you time and effort. So, to get what you want, skim through your notes and long videos. Let’s learn all about its capabilities.

Otter Voice Notes Features

  • Basic details such as recording date, duration, and overall length may be reviewed for conversations. This will give you the definition of the tasks and their uploading time.
  • Cross-conversation speaker recognition is given by Otter. So, Otter does things smartly as several people are there to talk up.
  • You will keep everybody on the same page via live notes. Everybody gets to see when new stuff is introduced.
  • Note groups may also be formed and shared notes edited. Groups make it easy for you to share with the right individuals.
  • With Otter voice notes, you will get real-time streaming transcripts. This will make it easy to use the voice to type long notes.
  • Find searchable images, audio, speaker ID, and key phrases for your notes.
  • Otter’s got 600 free minutes of transcription.

Bear Notes App

Bear Notes App

The next OneNote Alternative is Beat Notes. This can be seen on your iPad, your Apple Watch, and your Mac. This app, designed with a user-friendly gui, helps you to edit your text by providing feedback for words.

Other powerful features, including markdowns, photographs, and tagging, are available. Below, we’ll be explaining it. It also lets you sync between devices with your notes. So, you’re not going to need to think about its storage.

Coming with assorted writing types and highlighting colours, Bear Notice is a full package for easily storing your notes by providing several tag lines. Now, let’s take a look at its major characteristics.

Bear Notes App Features

  • Bear helps you to upload photos, PDF files, audio, etc into your notes. This can be viewed on any computer through Bear Notes.
  • From lighter and darker ones, there are many themes and pick from.
  • You can scan for a basic note, a single-note text, or just a selected tag folder.
  • Bear offers you several choices for export. So your note can be exported as text, Markdown, PDF, Javascript, DOCX, RTF, ePub, or JPG.
  • To easily apply styles to your emails, Bear has shortcuts. You just press on them and they’re right there.
  • It recognizes items inside the notes automatically, such as connexions, addresses, or more.
  • Advanced mark-up solutions are available that help you compose faster.

Box Notes

Box Notes

For people and teams, good note-taking apps. This one is a great appeal to teachers, authors, and compilers for arranging notes, created by Box Notice lets you arrange notes for sorting into journals and tag notes.

Box Note offers you the power of teamwork in real-time, which is great for teams. This makes this software a good choice for people in workplaces or collaborating on a project in teams.

Box Note is a fantastic tool for storing an excessive number of notes and folders, from simplifying your workflow to communicating your work across all departments. When connecting to the internet, you can catch the data on your PCs , laptops, and other computers. Let’s see what versatility it has to sell.

Box Notes Features

  • Box Note provides 10 GB of storage to store all your records and files and back them up.
  • You will browse PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word Docs, and more with the search feature.
  • To share your thoughts and suggestions with the rest of the staff, you will even add notes on the papers.
  • Keep the data in order and exchange it with storage that can order all of it. So, you can do it at any point, wherever.
  • Offline links to the files and directories can also be gained. This is especially valid with respect to newly opened archives.
  • With enterprise-grade safety and security requirements, like HIPAA and FedRAMP, every note in the Box Note is protected.
  • You will make any modifications and return at any time to the previous versions. There is a strong chance of undoing it.



Simplenote offers you, true to its name, a clutter-free place to make and update notes. It’s a no-frills experience-for making plain text notes, you get nothing more than an infinite amount of blank white pages. There is no encoding for rich text, no downloading of images, and no attachments to files. Don’t count on both to attract or document audio memos. Within the note-taking software genre, Simplenote is a pure minimalist.

Simplenote is a programme that WordPress has developed. There are also features absent, rendering this app only for note-taking. But, there’s a way to make short notes. Even, with time, you can arrange your notes inside Simplenote.

When you do not want to spend your time on saving notes, Simplenote is great to have. For the easiest techniques, you will get them at once. Let ‘s take a look at the main characteristics.

Simplenote Features

  • You are allowed to exchange online collections, directions, and publish notes. The sharing role encourages you to share work with the right individuals.
  • Using instant search and tags, you can quickly locate your notes.
  • You should back up your notes as well. Cloud storage will assist you in doing so.
  • With no toolbars for formatting, it takes a simple and minimalistic approach.
  • Users can make and delete offline notes, too.
  • Using the web app there is also Markdown support. You should go to the settings and allow support for markdowns.
  • Simplenote lets you save and sync your notes on the cloud.

Apple iCloud Notes

Another good app for Apple users is Apple iCloud Notes. As mentioned by Apple customers, it is a powerful and complex software. It is because of its features that consumers have not been able to explore the app entirely.

There are simple as well as advanced features of Apple iCloud Notes that we will explore later. But, if you want to keep your notes grouped in one place, this is a decent choice and an alternative to Evernote.

The software is pretty barebones, but to assist with structure, you can still build directories and subfolders. The search mechanism is strong, allowing you to search for pictures, text, a specific attachment, sketches, scanned text in a folder, or something within the image you’re searching for (a bike, for instance). With voice commands like “Show me notes from today” or “Show me notes about holiday plans,” Siri will even help you find notes.

Apple Notes Features

  • With Apple iCloud Notes, you can take notes with great ease.
  • To edit and style your text, there are formatting tools that you can use. These are just buttons that make the changes that are right.
  • By using the checkmark symbol, you can even make a checklist. So, you know which tasks are being performed.
  • Even, if you are an artistic/artistic person, you can make illustrations and sketches on your phone.
  • You can add existing images or take new ones using Apple iCloud Notices.
  • With it, you can search for documents as well. Capture them and scan them much like your usual camera.
  • The iCloud notes are encrypted, ensuring that all your notes are safe.


Next OneNote Alternative is Notion. Notion blends the best features of several apps on this list: strong characteristics of search and organising reminiscent of Evernote; Milanote’s graphic, whiteboard feel; Ulysses’ sleek, modern aesthetic. Notion, however, isn’t the usual software for note-taking. The willingness to deliver four resources in one is what sets it apart: notes, information bases, assignments and projects, and spreadsheets and databases.

This fantastic alternative to Evernote has a Kanban theme that makes it a strong choice for use in office work. It is an application which can be paired with databases and spreadsheets. It’s easy to use and the vibrant gui makes it enjoyable for everyone to use.

With this, we can quickly deem it to be a good rival for Evernote. Let’s learn all about its capabilities.

Notion Features

  • More than 30 forms of media are funded by Notion. By adding pictures, videos, and more, you can make your notes more interesting.
  • Your sites that are downloaded while you are online will be visited offline.
  • You can conveniently handle your tasks with the Kanban method.
  • In whatever order that you like, you will rearrange your thoughts. Put the ones that first need to be completed in priority.
  • Also, underneath each job, there is a comment element. For a given mission, you can immediately add notes.
  • In real-time, you will communicate. Everybody on the board will be told of any improvements you make.
  • In its folderless organization, say goodbye to chaotic folders.


Quip has all the paper variations, spreadsheets, checklists, and team talk available for Android, Windows , and Linux. This one is an ideal different to Evernote, which gives a pleasant interface to raised retailer information, notes and prepare them.

Watch you and your employees come alive by getting all of your assignments in a single place. Due to its syncing feature, you can access your files and notes anytime at any time.

Quip is difficult at squashing glitches, which is why it offers the dear info safe storage. What else it has to sell, let’s see.

Quip Features

  • It has a built-in real-time chat to keep the staff up to date with the latest updates.
  • Quip has one live version of the interface that can be accessed and updated concurrently by anyone.
  • In the data privacy policies, the data is absolutely secured.
  • Lovely spreadsheets that support over 400 functions are embedded.
  • You will import the docs from other applications for note taking. Any other app may include this.
  • For quick collaboration, it provides real-time chat. They’re both updated with the latest updates.
  • Quip has a wonderful collaborative user interface that is both simple and enjoyable.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is another alternative to Evernote. This one contains everything from pictures to music , videos to coding. Using the same app, you will even share your notes and suggestions with other participants.

Dropbox Paper is a forum for distributed teams that wish to collaborate to share assignments and thoughts in a unified space. You can keep track of your meetings by doing it to get more work done.

Dropbox Document also has a user-friendly interface and a fast ability to carry out activities with advanced formatting features.

Dropbox Paper Features

  • You can create lovely docs with easy to use formatting without wasting too much time on them.
  • When working on a mission, you should incorporate a timeline into your notes. This issues an alert immediately if anything is not done.
  • What’s more, Dropbox Paper also helps you to code. It will translate the formatting to fit the programming language automatically.
  • It comes with storage of up to 2 GB for free. For more room, you can still buy their plans.
  • You can also import content, such as YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram, from other resources.
  • Access, edit, and comment on your new notes quickly, even while you’re offline.
  • You can make drawings on your iPad and drop them into your files and notes.


The next OneNote Alternative is Notejoy. Another forum for collaborating in cooperation with teams and people is Notejoy. Through this, you can make notes, easily exchange your thoughts, and have communication and availability in real-time.

Notejoy lets you productively write your notes. By inserting photographs, docs, movies, or extra, you can also make it extra complete. Not simply that, however, you may snap and publish blazingly faster, as effectively.

Notejoy is a secure forum for those you wish to share your work with. With this one, you can integrate your favorite games, too. To read all about its attributes,

Notejoy Features

  • The Web, Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android versions of Notejoy are available.
  • To change the style, font, sidebar, and pane widths, you can configure it. This makes it more enticing and orderly.
  • Notejoy is stable, end-to-end encryption, password-protected notes, and a two-factor authentication platform.
  • Deleted notes can be retrieved. For that, there’s an undo choice.
  • You can export notes in bulk as well. Give them to the appropriate entities on the forum concerned.
  • You can find the best grammatical words with fuzzy matching.
  • You should add hashtags for the job to be more coordinated. Hashtags distinguish the notes from each other to make it easy to identify them.

So thats its guys this was the list of Best OneNote Alternative. If you’re using any other note app so let us know is the comments.