PowerPoint Alternatives

12 PowerPoint Alternatives (2020)

PowerPoint Alternatives. PowerPoint from Microsoft is fantastic, but what if you can’t afford it? For meetings, here are the best free PowerPoint alternatives. Microsoft PowerPoint is awesome because there are good explanations why it is the standard presentation platform for schools and companies in the industry: it’s standard, it’s easy, it functions, and it has a lot of neat models that make it easier to build presentations.

Some applications deliver real-time collaboration, non-linear style, mobile editing, auto slides, stunning models, live-sharing and many more, according to your needs. Only think about the priorities that your presentation requires to accomplish and let’s start.

Luckily, PowerPoint alternatives are free! None of them are quite as amazing, but for most people, many of them are good enough—especially if you’re not in a business atmosphere. Here are a few free alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint.

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PowerPoint Alternatives

LibreOffice Impress

PowerPoint Alternatives
LibreOffice Impress

The first PowerPoint Alternatives is LibreOffice Impress. The perfect free alternative to Microsoft Office is LibreOffice. Over the years, it has changed a lot, placing it in many respects on par with Microsoft Office—and the best thing is that it’s 100 percent free open-source, and cross-platform, making it one of the best presentation platforms for Linux.

LibreOffice Impress is LibreOffice’s analog of PowerPoint from Microsoft. With it you may create all types of interactive displays based mostly on slides that may be introduced in quite a lot of methods: intermittent modifying, define mode, annotated slides, and even a handout mode for printing paper displays.


  •  very similar to PowerPoint
  • free software
  • easy-to-use drawing and diagramming tools
  • 2D and 3D images from text
  • supports multiple monitors 


  • only 10 template presentation backgrounds
  • inability to auto-advance existing .pptx files
  • lack of new creative designs

Google Slides

PowerPoint Alternative
Google Slides

The next PowerPoint Alternatives is Google Slides. For many years now, Google Slides has become a solid alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. (It was known as Google Presentations prior to 2012.) Google Slides is an online mobile app, much like Google Docs and Google Sheets.

It’s 100 percent open, supports templates, helps you to create/edit/manage internet connectivity from anywhere, comes with smartphone applications (Android, iPhone), supports teamwork and annotations in real time, and when used in combination with Microsoft PowerPoint, translates flawlessly back and forth.

If you’re in Google’s cloud environment already, we highly recommend Google Slides. In other words, if you already use Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets, you can use Google Slides as well.


  • cloud-based
  • free
  • compatible with PowerPoint
  • real-time collaboration
  • group chat
  • beginner-friendly


  • not suitable for heavily animated presentations
  • requires Google account


PowerPoint Alternatives

Next PowerPoint Alternative is SlideDog. For what you need, choices like Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides may be too complicated. Or they might be too conventional and stuffy. The presentation method for someone who needs an alternative that is futuristic and basic is SlideDog.

You can take all sorts of media with SlideDog—pictures, photographs, PDFs, blogs, and even PowerPoint or Prezi files—and seamlessly stitch them together. For quick and clear image-to-image presentations, it’s great.

What’s significantly better is that you could share your presentation with SlideDog and everybody can watch the web in actual time. In the elections, they will ask questions, comment on slides, and even vote. It’s a perfect way to get feedback directly about what you’re presenting.

SlideDog’s free edition is available for an unlimited duration. Extra features such as custom environments, dual-screen mode, live share, and audience engagement cost $49 for unlimited presentations per presentation case or year.


  • multimedia presentation tool combining slide decks, presentations, videos, PDFs and etc
  • real-time share
  • features a companion remote mobile device app
  • allows remote control from a smartphone, tablet, and PC
  • featured live chat
  • live polls during the presentation
  • smooth transitions


  • can’t design slide content
  • can’t create a presentation from scratch

Zoho Show

PowerPoint Alternatives
Zoho Show

In line with Microsoft Office and LibreOffice, Zoho is another office suite, but it’s something like an in-between for the two. It’s not 100% free and open-source like LibreOffice is but a free alternative comes with it. You’ll have to subscribe, as for Office 365, if you want to unlock enhanced functionality.

Zoho Display is the presentation platform in this office suite, as it is a mobile app, so it is more analogous to PowerPoint Online. The sweetness about it’s that with Web entry, you’ll be able to create, edit, and deal with your shows from wherever, and you’ll even collaborate in real-time.

Not solely can Zoho Show import a number of commonplace file codecs—PPS, PPT, PPTX, PPSX, ODP, and SXI—you can too relaxation assured that it doesn’t matter what format you select any little bit of presentation formatting will keep true-to-view. No skewed codecs or pictures which can be misaligned!


  • appealing visuals
  • embed YouTube videos and live tweets
  • broadcast feature
  • collaborative tools
  • supports multiple types of files
  • most similar to PowerPoint
  • comes with a free- option
  • no distorted and misaligned images
  • easy to use


  • limited animations or transitions to choose from


PowerPoint Alternatives

The next PowerPoint Alternatives is Visme. Visme is not a dedicated tool for presentations, but with it, you can create presentations. Visme’s mission is to make it easier for you to convert concepts into content that is engaging: demos, infographics, papers, and more.

To get you started in just minutes, Visme comes with its own online editor and hundreds of models. Anything can be changed—fonts, backgrounds, colours, images—and the results can be published online, offline, or saved as a PDF.

The draw back is that you would be able to’t import PowerPoint from Microsoft or export PowerPoint to Microsoft. And while anybody can post online, only creations can be downloaded as JPG for free accounts. (In the $14/mo package, PDF is available, and in the $25/mo plan, HTML5 is available.)


Sozi is a distinctive free tool that does not use the same notion of slideshow that most presentation systems use. Instead a broad canvas is offered to you that you can plan however you want—whether by drawing or embedding content—and then you switch from field to area.

If you give it a shot, it’s really pretty cool. Is it programme in the technical grade? No not yet, yet. You’d just like to use things like Adobe After Effects for company settings instead. But, Sozi is pretty awesome for easy personal presentations that need some complexities.


If traditional linear slideshows are not enough and you want a more lively story-based presentation then for you, PowToon is certainly the perfect alternative to PowerPoint Online. The platform provides characters and cartoons to select from as well as cleverly crafted animation and transformations that can transform a colorful animated video into any presentation.


  • cloud-based
  • rich gallery
  • relatively easy to use, there are many tutorial videos
  • supports rich text editing


  • adds a watermark to all presentations
  • no autosave
  • many tools and options are only available in the upgraded subscription version
  • inability to save an offline version of your work
  • no live collaboration
  • can’t open other presentation programs file formats

Haiku Deck

Next PowerPoint Alternative is Haiku Deck. Thanks to its powerful graphics and sleek looks, the web alternative to PowerPoint has gained lots of attention. With over 40 million stock photos and its trademark artificial intelligence tool, the cloud-based presentation program has the power to create slides and select images for you. The so-called Haiku Deck Zuru AI saves time and if you have to design a last-minute show, it’s great.


  • over 40 million stock photos
  • artificial intelligence tool to save time
  • easy to use


  • very limited customization
  • no offline work
  • made mainly for image-based slide decks


Slidebean is another PowerPoint option that provides you with automation in terms of design, close to what you get with Haiku Deck and its AI method. If you do not have the time, the slides themselves will be created and crafted by Slidebean, allowing you to focus exclusively on the substance of the presentation. While it doesn’t provide a tonne of features, the presentation is easy to create and it has plenty of models to fit your project.


  • access to icons and gallery within the software
  • collaborative
  • chat feature
  • allows access to viewers actions
  • easy to use
  • automatic slide- creation


  • no animation
  • very limited customization


Among the PowerPoint Online alternatives out there, Prezi is probably the most common. Prezi will help you create beautiful graphics for your project with its good-looking user interface. The device focuses totally on the visuals, gestures, and transition animations that may captivate your viewers’ curiosity rapidly. It’s a matter of personal choice, whether or not the rich motion graphics are too distracting.


  • non-linear presentations
  • user-friendly interface
  • appealing visual cinematics
  • compatible with multiple devices
  • shareable
  • easy to learn and use
  • can work offline ( offline feature requires to download the software)
  • affordable
  • good for teamwork and collaborations
  • dynamic visuals
  • cloud-based


  • limited customization, hard to repurpose
  • too much motion that can cause motion sickness in some cases


Next PowerPoint Alternatives is Slides. This option is targeted at the most innovative presenters who like their own slide themes to be entirely personalized. This is one that web designers would enjoy. You can create your own exclusive templates using a handful of fonts, form transformation animation, and modern color packs, and the presentation program provides a pro package for custom CSS and HTML if you want to go any further.


  • user friendly
  • access to the revision history
  • user- friendly sophisticated interface
  • allows the creation of interactive animated charts
  • displaying math formulas
  • editable HTML
  • includes tutorial
  • full editing capability
  • cloud-based
  • analytics


  • only linear style presentations
  • limited templates


The last PowerPoint Alternative is Keynote. Keynote is the perfect PowerPoint alternative for all Apple users out there. It exists as both a stand-alone app and a member of the complete iWork package. It is extremely easy to read and use and provides various beautiful models to add without putting a lot of work into your presentations.

The close integration of Keynote with other applications from Apple also makes it a natural choice for Mac users.

When you’re already acquainted with Pages and Numbers, Keynote’s three-panel interface, made up of a formatting panel on the fitting aspect, a big enhancing space within the center, and thumbnails on the left aspect, will make you are feeling proper at house.

In specific, the amazing Magic Transfer movement of the app helps visual objects when playing your display to seamlessly move locations from one slide to another.


  • PowerPoint compatible allows the same features
  • easy to learn and use, simplistic menus
  • user- friendly sophisticated interface
  • allows the creation of interactive animated charts
  • more than 30 cinematic effects for objects
  • can be accessed and edited on mobile devices
  • collaborative
  • free with new Macs
  • allows to project the presentation via video out


  • only available for Macs
  • no slide library

So that’s the list of Best PowerPoint Alternatives if you play any other PowerPoint Alternative so let us know in the comment.