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7 Best SHAREit Alternatives (2021)

SHAREit Alternative. SHAREit is among the most widely used applications for file sharing that helps participants to access all kinds of files from one computer to another, including images, videos, audio, apps, and a few others. It is accessible on different devices, including Linux, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Even so, notwithstanding that, many individuals are searching for the right alternatives to SHAREit. This is because, over the years, it has attracted some backlash from users for displaying a lot of intrusive advertising around the UI, making it difficult to use to some degree.

A few businesses have developed a similar file-sharing program over the years to counteract increasing popularity and retain customers by showing relatively fewer commercials and providing more functionality at the same time. In this post, some of the best SHAREit Alternatives that you can use to get the best service out of the bunch were shortlisted.

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SHAREit Alternative

Nearby Share

SHAREit Alternative

The first SHAREit Alternative is Nearby Share. A convenient and secure way to exchange files is Google’s Nearby Share (previously known as Fast Share). Within the Android system, the service is embedded and is also available on all Android phones and users do not have to download any sharing software for Nearby Sharing to function.

Only go to Settings>>Google>> Device Connections and toggle on Sharing Nearby (on both phones). If set, whenever you click the sharing button, you will see the Nearby Share option in Android’s direct share menu.


SHAREit Alternative

The next SHAREit Alternative is Zapya. Zapya is a cross-platform app that helps you to exchange between devices various types of files back and forth. It has a cleaner UI than SHAREit, isolating the valuable characteristics from garbage. On the app, there are commercials, but they are not so much in the way of making it unusable, unlike SHAREit. The platform doesn’t really involve the use of an active file transfer internet connection, but provides a hotspot to exchange files between devices instead. It can transfer various file types between computers, including images, videos, audio, docs, etc.

On Linux, iOS, Windows, and Mac, Zapya provides file-sharing facilities. In addition, it provides a web interface to facilitate fast sharing between devices. This is one of the better viable SHAREit options right now, if you ask us.

Files Go

SHAREit Alternatives

A brilliant file manager built to eliminate clutter on your Android phone is Google’s own Files Go. The software will pick up secret and abandoned garbage automatically, such as unwanted APK files, redundant files, good morning tweets, etc., and then requires all of them to be removed at once.

Files Go even has a File Transfer tool like Airdrop, too. That drill is the same. Both computers should have built Files Go. One would be the sender and the recipient would be the other. You can send/share applications, photos, videos, and documents after the connection has been accepted by both devices. The software is simple, safe, and free of clutter.


SHAREit Alternative

Next SHAREit Alternative Zender. Xender is also another file-sharing program that is cross-platform. It is also supported across a large spectrum of platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows, much as SHAREit. Xender also offers a web interface for fast file sharing in addition to these sites, similar to Zapya, which is useful when you want to easily share files across devices. Without having an active mobile data link, the service helps you to exchange different types of files between devices.

Without much clutter, the UI is very clean and continues to deliver a simple and quick way to exchange content. The frequency is very low relative to most other file-sharing sites, but there are several advertisements on the app. Look at our next choice below if you hate advertisements.


Treble shot is an app that functions only within the Android community for open source file transfer. Using Treble Shot on the same network, you can pass data to other devices or build a hot spot to receive information. When any mistake happens, you may still restart your downloads.

Treble Shot has been available for a while now and has vastly improved. The software has a simple, working GUI and it’s ad-free.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is another file-sharing alternative to SHAREit. The service supports multiple platforms, similar to a lot of other options, to allow users to share content between different devices. The service, however, takes a different approach to offering a forum for file-sharing and does not rely, like many other providers, on cloud-based platforms.

The distinction between Send Anywhere and other alternatives lies in the type of connection used to share files between devices, as Send Anywhere uses a peer-to-peer connection to enable users to transfer files instead of a cloud-based connection. It uses a six-digit key to ensure that files are transferred securely between devices.

The UI is fairly nice. While there are ads throughout the app, the type of service offered compensates for the advertisements. The frequency of ads is also quite low as well. Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac versions of Send Anywhere are available. For most individuals, this is a nice SHAREIT alternative.


Another service that can be used for the transfer of content between devices is PushBullet. In addition to sending links, obtaining notifications, chatting with friends, and sending text messages, it has a simple UI to enable you to send files. In doing so, it creates a tunnel between your devices so that you can seamlessly transfer files without any problems.

The service is accessible on various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, allowing you to share multiple file types between devices. A neat alternative for the masses, share it.

So thats the list of some Best SHAREit Alternatives if you any other SHAREit Alternatives so let us know in the comments.