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6 Best Whatsapp Alternatives (2021)

Whatsapp Alternative: Since first mentioned yesterday, whether you like it or not, WhatsApp will shortly begin sharing your data with Facebook. In view of that, several individuals are looking for alternatives to WhatsApp that focus more on privacy and protection. In this post, I will cover some Whatsapp Alternatives.

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Whatsapp Alternative


Whatsapp Alternative

The first Whatsapp Alternative is Signal. Signal has seen a rapid increase in prominence over the past year when users have switched to emerging channels for encrypted communication. Community text and voice messaging as well as audio and video calls are supported by the software. Compatible for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Linux, or Android computers.

Signal makes the position on privacy perfectly evident as opposed to WhatsApp. In order to underline this emphasis, there are a number of touches throughout the Signal program, including items such as view-once media, Signal Lock, and more. Signal is now an autonomous non-profit, which suggests the creation is solely funded by consumer contributions.

Signal uses end-to-end communications protection based on the Signal Protocol which therefore does not record messages or users’ metadata. The App Privacy mark on the App Store reveals that no data that is connected to consumers is obtained by Signal. A article from The Wall Street Journal offered more information on this:

Often, the app does not log any information about the existence of the messages themselves (metadata). Lujo Bauer, professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, said, “Signal makes it a point to retain as little data as possible while also being able to deliver support.


Next Whatsapp Alternative is Telegram. One of the most common alternatives to WhatsApp is Telegram, which provides a cross-platform end-to-end encryption messaging system that is also totally free to use. Indeed, owing to the use of the MTProtocol, Telegram actually appears to be more reliable than WhatsApp:

Telegram is better than WhatsApp and Rows, which are mass market messengers. To make security compliant with high-speed distribution and stability on poor connections, we are focused on the MTP protocol, designed on time-tested algorithms. In order to strengthen the security of our protocol and users, we are actively collaborating with the community.

Telegram claims it uses a distributed infrastructure in order to secure data rather than the encrypted messages themselves. “The relevant decryption keys are divided into components and are never kept in the same place as the information they protect,” describes the firm.

The latest App Privacy labels on the App Store display three pieces of data, including personal information, addresses, and identifiers, that “maybe collected and linked to your identity.”


Whatsapp Alternative

Wire has been providing the messenger app for smartphones, laptops and even desktops since 2014. The Swiss tech company Wire Swiss GmbH has developed it. The production team is based in Berlin, Germany.

Security: To encrypt calls, Wire uses end-to-end encryption with SRTP and DTLS. Encrypting text messages and pictures uses end-to-end encryption from Proteus. On the sender’s computer, correspondence that you have with friends or colleagues is encrypted and then decrypted at the recipient’s again. With both a cell phone number and an email address, registration is possible. It is also optional to allow access to the address book.


Like the Signal, in terms of its protection, Threema is considered outstanding. More than 8 million individuals use the Made in Switzerland messaging service (January 2020). Although Signal dominates the international WhatsApp alternative market, Threema is mostly popular in German-speaking countries, with Germany, Austria, and Switzerland accounting for more than 80% of users. It was revealed in September 2020 that, with the support of new buyers, Threema is now now seeking to expand its appeal with people outside the German-speaking regions of Europe, drawing ever more consumers.

Threema Work is a special edition of the app intended to distinguish private and company contact. Security: An anonymous Threema ID and password are created during the registration process. The name of the profile and the illustration are optional. A connection to your phone number or email address is optional as well. If you do not want it to do so, there’s no reason for the software to reach your contacts. Only be mindful that this feature, which we strongly recommend, is enabled by default and must be deactivated manually. Threema terms it “metadata restraint” minimal data processing, on the basis that only known data should be attacked.

In addition, a PIN code will hide and protect private conversations. Based on the extent of shared confidence, there are three distinct types of connections: red for unknown, yellow for confirmed users, and green for contacts identified in person. You have to see and check them in person by checking their QR codes in order to mark the contacts in green. You are thereby safe from man-in-the-middle assaults. Using the NaCI library, Threema encrypts all messages end-to-end by default.

Delta Chat

Delta Chat is one of the newest messenger services run by Merlinux Limited in Freiburg, Germany, which began its operation in early 2019. Open Source extends to desktops, smartphones and laptops, and has been downloaded from the Google Play Store alone more than 50,000 times.

Security: What makes Delta stand out from all the other providers of messenger, is that it neither owns its own server nor has to sign up for a mobile phone number. And if the counterparty does not even use Delta, messages should be sent via the e-mail address and they will accept the message as a standard e-mail.

All correspondence will then be automatically encrypted end-to-end after the first message has been received, as the necessary keys have to be shared beforehand. Delta Chat also supports end-to-end encryption of community chats in contrast to other messengers, but in this chat, the email address will be available to all.

Only transport encryption (TLS) applies to the message if the chat buddy does not use Delta Chat, which ensures that his email provider will also see what has been sent.


The last Whatsapp Alternative is Matrix. The open standard was established in 2014 by The Matrix.org Foundation. It doesn’t matter what messenger you want to use as an interoperable network, as it is available to most communication networks. Around ten million accounts are visible, according to Matrix, with around 2.1 million rooms built.

Security: Matrix requires users to build their own servers or to join other servers in order to connect with each other. End-to-end encryption is in beta mode at the moment and not by default, and it also relies on the client you are using. But when you run your own server, Matrix offers the option to configure it and allow end-to-end encryption.

The German Federal Armed Forces have announced plans to use the Matrix system as their new mode of communication. It is also intended that sensitive information is exchanged through protected Matrix servers. However, not only Germany, but also the French government have been trying to move all contact between the authorities to the Matrix servers.

Disadvantages: No particular disadvantages can be found as users can decide which servers they choose to enter and allow you the ability to encrypt messages with end-to-end encryption. Also, Matrix is open source and does not bind you to a single messenger client.

So that’s the list of Best Whatsapp Alternatives if you use any other Whatsapp Alternative so let us know in the comments.