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10 WinRAR Alternative (2020)

WinRAR Alternative. WinRAR is one of the most useful applications ever created. Compression and decompression are supported by this program, allowing you to conveniently share smaller-size files. WinRAR is essentially a paying program, even though it includes a free version.

If you need compress-decompress applications but notice that WinRAR does not suit your preferences, it’s worth thinking about the best free WinRAR alternatives.

These applications are used by millions around the world, as far as WinZip and WinRAR are concerned. However, with demo models, all these tools are premium-priced. Fortunately, there are free solutions to nearly all programs on the Internet. And there are no exceptions to compression tools like WinRAR.

On the Internet, there is a range of resources that can help you compress and decompress files for free. These resources can also help you select the type of file if you choose well. The bulk of these is fitted with features found in WinRAR already. Here are some WinRAR Alternatives.

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WinRAR Alternative


WinRAR Alternative

The first WinRAR Alternative is 7-Zip. 7-Zip is a device cross-platform that provides ease of file compression and decompression. You will use this open-source application free of charge, allowing you a lot of freedom when using the app. The tool is designed to build and open files, as with WinRAR, so that you can rely on this software to maintain any archives. Interestingly, it is assumed that 7-Zip gives 10% stronger compression than other applications.

You can get up to 70 percent compression when you compress a folder to a 7z format with this software. The 7z is the program’s proprietary device format that supports simpler compression. This format is now, luckily, embraced by other platforms and applications. What more can be achieved with the software? Ok, it can unzip files that are compressed and come in a range of formats.

7-Zip is a perfect option that provides a lot of conveniences. The software program is fairly light-weight, as small as 1MB. Besides that, without buying outside components that bog down the machine, it operates with device resources. If you are searching for a free WinRAR alternative for Mac OS, 7-Zip has also produced a WinRAR alternative for Mac called Keka, 7-Zip for Mac is official.

B1 Free Archiver

WinRAR Alternative
B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver is certainly for you if you are looking for a fantastic tool with basic features. A few systems, including Linux and Windows, are supported by this free software. On Linux, it still runs well, so you can add this app to your handheld computer. What makes it appealing is that for optimum ease, B1 Free Archiver supports online and offline archives.

Especially when you can’t download the software on the PC, the online archive is helpful. It’s easy to only open the archive from your browser, import the files or directories, and then uninstall the compressed version. But if you want to uninstall the app, to stop unnecessary adware, make sure to uncheck the add-on installs.

A number of ZIP formats such as 7z, RAR, jar, b1, and several more are provided by B1 Free Archiver. As it comes with an easy GUI, newcomers can easily use this app, while some users feel that it is too simplistic. However, for those who don’t thoughts with the way it seems, B1 Free Archiver is a reliable various to WinRAR.


WinRAR Alternative

The next WinRAR Alternative is PeaZip. PeaZip is another outstanding WinRAR replacement application. It comes with usable tools to help manage your files and directories, despite the software being entirely open. For a smoother experience, users are often authorized to easily control their files. The software supports only Linux and Windows, so other options must be considered by Mac users.

In order to open and build compressed files, PeaZip brings simple but useful functionality. A password manager that helps you to set a master password for all files is among the best features provided by this app. It also comes with options for compression that allow you to open more than 150 file types and compress them into your file. 7Z, ARC, and BZip2 are some of the formats supported.

PeaZip is more than appropriate when it comes to filing size and performance. It uses just 10MB of your storage space, so this software can fit well with older computers and laptops. It might not be the fastest program, but the WinRAR substitution fits well.


WinRAR Alternative

With an easy and intuitive GUI, ExtractNow is a completely free application. But it has one big disadvantage: it can only unpack files. However, if you want to remove multiple files with ease, it is always a perfect option. On the tool’s GUI, you can easily drag and drop compressed data.

ExtractNow’s GUI is neat, simple-to-use, and amazingly well-designed. To extract files directly into the main program window, you can make use of the drag-and-drop function. Alternatively, in Windows Explorer, you can right-click the file and then remove it using ExtractNow.

The cool thing about ExtractNow is that it still supports a handful of others, apart from the most popular compression formats like RAR and ZIP. An automated folder can be set where files are removed each and every time. Alternatively, you can use the option to specify the file extraction path manually.

Hamster Zip Archiver

Next WinRAR Alternative is Hamster Zip Archiver. For Windows machines, Hamster Zip Archiver is one of the better online WinRAR alternatives. A quick and intuitive interface as well as fast navigation are supported by free software, so you need not spend a lot of time learning about this application. Hamster Zip Archiver brings lots of features to boost your compress-decompress experience, including its free price.

This archive only accepts a few ZIP formats as opposed to other applications. Just 7z and ZIP files can be treated, giving you restrictions when creating fresh archives. And still you can also open a range of formats using the app.

Language challenges are another shortcoming found in this software. Some users find that Russian instead of English is used by the installer, making the installation process very difficult. Overall, particularly if you don’t want to spend a dime on WinRAR, Hamster Zip Archiver is a nice tool to download.


Looking for a free tool without the inclusion of adware or malware? It can be a nice way to download Bandizip and it’s one of the better alternatives to WinRAR. Until opening, this software helps you to search for viruses, guaranteeing file protection to keep your device from being compromised. In addition, the software supports multi-core compression so that, especially in a high-end device, it can provide faster performance.

Bandizip features an easy-to-use GUI, offering newcomers a pleasant experience. Most formats of compression are also supported, including rar, zip, 7z, and zipx. The app is developed primarily for Windows, specifically Windows 7 and later. How about the angle of security? As it uses the most reliable encryption algorithms, Bandizip is trustworthy and safe.

While it is free, Bandizip has several features, such as content preview. This function helps you to only right-click the files to preview compressed content. No extraction is necessary so that you can ensure your computer’s safety. Multi-languages such as Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korea are also sponsored.


Next WinRAR Alternative is Zipware. Zipware makes your compress-decompress course a lot smoother and extra environment friendly. This excellent tool offers a handful of tools that make it more usable than you thought. It has colorful, flashy buttons containing all the choices you need. It is very interesting to know that it is absolutely free to download and use this software. Learners will find that it is very easy to use Zipware.

Zipware comes with the ability to search for viruses, as with Bandizip. The highlight functionality allows machine health to be maintained and virus contamination to be avoided. As it is primarily built for this platform, this app is kind of good news for Windows users. Make sure Windows XP or higher is running on your screen.

Zipware supports major formats, including rar, rar5, and 7zip, for archiving. It also supports formats for the Linux archive, such as gzip and tar. The software is designed to provide reliable and rapid performance, enabling you to comfortably manage vast archives. Fortunately, Zipware is fairly light-weight with a file dimension as small as 3.0MB.

Ashampoo Zip

Ashampoo Zip is included on the list while you are searching for a WinRAR option. Compact and strong, this compression program supports more than 60 different formats for archive formation and extraction, such as arc, rar, zip, xpi, and many more. With multicore support for quicker operations, the program is renowned for its swift and stable performance. Luckily, for beginners and experienced users, the ZIP engine is appropriate.

Not only does it provide conventional functionality such as archive opening and creation, but it also helps you to create files that are self-extracted. It helps to restore compromised files, a seldom seen feature of a free software. The latest version comes with cloud browsers that allow different cloud resources such as Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox to be uploaded easily.

The preview feature is another awesome feature brought in by Ashampoo Zip. This helps you to preview files from the folder without removing them from the machine, and it works with the first 5 files. Other features highlighted include swift speed, support for 4K displays, and no additional software needed. All in all, Ashampoo Zip is a perfect compression-handling tool.


BreeZip is a pretty decent alternative to WinRAR if you deal with common archive formats. Common formats such as tar, gzip, rar, zip, and 7zip are provided by this compression program. Without complications, the program can help retrieve archive data.

To maximize your compress-decompress experience, BreeZip comes with a vast array of applications. It also comes with other features, such as searching, accessing, and deleting files, in addition to creating and opening archive files. Breezip is packed with password functionality to guarantee your file safe, enabling you to build password-protected files.

Quick Zip

Last but not least, the collection contains Fast Zip. This alternative to WinRAR is completely free, but it provides powerful and fast results. A handful of archive formats, including zip, rar, and 7zip, are supported. The app has a multi-pane gui that helps you to quickly access files, directories, and resources. Thanks to the Support manual that offers new users assistance.

In addition, Easy Zip features a drag and compress feature that provides fast compression. By pressing a button, you can also define the compression levels, add feedback, or perform other acts. If you choose to use default values, it can be done effectively by the best free WinRAR option.

So that’s the list of 10 Best WinRAR Alternatives if you use any other WinRAR Alternative so let us know in the comments.